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My New Torture Device

I was loving, ok not minding the braces. But now I’m frustrated and annoyed and I just have 2 months under my belt. What has got my knickers in a knot you ask?!

Well let me show you.

First I’ll show you the progress. Click to enlarge.

Before & After - 2 Months

Ok, now that that is out of the way. Let’s let the “torture device” enter the conversation.  You probably are wondering what I’m talking about looking at that month2 picture. Luckily for you and me it’s pretty much hidden during conversation and smiling. But if I let out one of my hearty laughs or screams it’s there and right in your face.

Check this beaut out!

Blue Demons

Everyone I’ve talked to at work that has had braces had no idea what I was explaining to them.  Once I showed them, they were baffled. Hence, I’m the first person they’ve ever seen with them. I’m probably a Guinea Pig or something.

So yea, that blue shit (aka. blue demons or the proper term of spacers) on the teeth behind my eye tooth is permanent. Well, permanent in the sense it’s there until the braces come off or they do what they are meant to. Note: I’m not 100% sure what they are meant to do. But everyone in the dentist office warned me how frustrated I was going to become. And man, are they ever right!!  They warned me before and it wasn’t bad like they said, but man, this is right on the money. A pure torture device.  It’s weird that when I bite down I hit their first and not my teeth.

Enter the problem. The frustration. The annoyance of my life.

It makes eating dang near impossible.

Why, you ask?! Well take a peek.

Blue Demon Problem

This is my bite. This is as far as I can close my teeth…well my molars. They don’t touch. They can’t touch.

Now tell me, how am I supposed to eat when I can’t use my molars? People it’s impossible and they were right I am frustrated and it causes me to stop eating regularily. It’s easier to stop and be slightly hungry than to try eating and not be able to chew!  I have gotten better. I’m able to chew *some* things now but I’m very limited. If it’s too small of a bite=impossible. If it’s a soft food (i.e. macaroni, rice, etc)=impossible. And right now, since I just got the bottom braces and the top ones were adjusted, it hurts too much to eat anything hard or extra chewy anyways. So I’m living off little bits of food here and there, oatmeal, soup, lots of fluids. I know it’ll get better in the coming weeks because my mouth won’t be so sore and I will adapt and adjust to this ‘obstacle’.

So there is my rant for the time being. I have lots to rant about as well. If only you knew my last couple days. Well, some of you…some of you can guess based on msn and ‘the book’…I’m sure I’ll be back about that. But this is the thorn in my side and promises to be for the next long while.


  • Meghan

    They put a cap on the molar I had a root canal on here and it’s big and I hate it too. It was so hard to eat. At least these aren’t permanent. I paid a chunk for this and it broke when we were in Malaysia :S

    • LJ

      Yea I have a big cap on my root canal tooth as well… I eventually got used to. I just imagine now how weird it’s going to be in a couple years when I can move my jaw in the right way and have my teeth touch. I bet I’ll chomp down too hard a few times before I get used to just having teeth again. hehe

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