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I hate being sick.

So there are lots of posts I have been meaning to do this week considering we get our house next week and I’ve had my braces for over a month. But the inspiration is long gone.

I’m sick.

Sicker than I have been since I lived on Humphrey St. and ended up in the hospital dehydrated.

I thought yesterday was the worse of it. I was nauseous all day and couldn’t sit up because of the spins. I was running to the bathroom. I felt slightly better in the evening. In that I actually moved out to the couch and sat up for a bit. I kept drinking gatorade and had 2 pieces of toast. I took 2 gravol and went to bed. Only to wake about an hour later with a knotted stomach and that gross feeling. I ran to the bathroom. Fended it off and went back to sleep. But I was up 15 min later. I don’t know how I’m going to stay hydrated since my body won’t retain anything!

I didn’t get to sleep at all last night, unless you count the small cat naps while leaning on the porcelain god and between trips running to the bathroom. I debated sleeping on the couch so I would stop disturbing J but that didn’t help. He couldn’t sleep. On one trip to the bathroom I see him sitting on the couch at an ungodly hour playing MarioKart and farting around on the laptop.

As we speak right now, I just finished a popsicle and now I feel the sweats coming on. That is never a good sign. I am going to see if J will pick me up some gingerale so I can flatten it. I know he will. He’s been so good to me. I decided yesterday that I wanted a specific popsicle, real fruit ones strawberry flavour, and he went everywhere looking for them. No where to be found we decided on the rocket ones I loved when I was a kid. They are made with real fruit juice now so that is kind of what I wanted.

All I know is that today better be it. I need/want to get back to work. I have the walk-through of our house tomorrow and there is no way I’d be going anywhere near it if I felt like this. J will have to go it alone. And that would really suck! So my fingers are crossed that by later today I’ll be on the mend.

I am going to try to head for a clinic this afternoon just to see what they say. I know what they are going to say but if this isn’t gone or if I have to be in seclusion for a bit I’ll need a note from a Dr. But God, I hope it doesn’t come down to that! I want to be better. I want to be back in my normal routine!


  • Michelle

    Hey Laura, give pedialyte a try (the stuff for kids). I heard before that it is a lot easier to keep down than gatorade and still helps to balance your electrolytes when you are sick. I figure it is worth a shot and it is supposed to be great to avoid dehydration.

  • Lisa

    I hope you are feeling better soon! It sucks that you are feeling so sick. I hope taht you are well enough to go on teh walk through.

  • Jillian

    feel better soon. i heard gatorade brings on dehydration but im not sure its true…what did the clinic say….u need to get better soon, the house is so close

    • LJ

      Really?! The Dr and nurses always tell me to drink it because it’s filled with those precious electrolytes your body needs after being sick. It’s just like pedialyte, except tastes a little better. Even though Pedialyte goes down easier on your stomach I hear. But as long as you can see through the liquid it’s ok to drink when sick. I think it’s ok as long as you don’t stop drinking water too.

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