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I used to write…

Once upon a time I could write. I was reflective. I was expressive.  I didn’t know it. But I loved to write.

I just came across an old journal and man, I wouldn’t have believed it was mine had it not been my writing.

Wow. Where did that passion go?

Just became busy and put it to the back burner I guess.

If it wasn’t so personal I’d share it.

Maybe one day I will share some. But not today.

I’m enjoying reading it. It’s actually pretty enlightening.

Man, I was very pensive during my University life and I wrote a lot.

Where did I find the time?!

Oh wait, I would do anything to procrastinate. And now I don’t really have anything to procrastinate from so there you have it.

I guess this is my form of writing now but it’s nothing like it used to be.

I guess it’s because I know that this is viewed by people…people who know me…people who would know who or what I was talking about… it would be too vulnerable.


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