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It just made my day

I was feeling a bit down today. I went to work and it was nap time when I came in. One of the kids who likes to cause me grief was awake….of course! (lol) He always tries to talk to me during nap time because he knows he’s not allowed to talk but thinks that because I’m a teacher it’s ok.

So today, he said my name and whispered something real quick. Of course, I asked him what. He had to repeat himself three times before I could hear/understand him. He was saying, “Laura. You look real pretty today.” (with the little kid slur. hehe) It was so cute. It was one of those genuine moments, I knew he meant it and wasn’t fishing because he laid back down on his mat and was quiet for the rest of nap time. hehe

It just made me feel good…definitely brought a smile to my face and made my day!


  • Meghan

    Man I’ve been telling you that forever 😛 Sometimes you just need to hear it! Stupid girls always so hard on themselves..Anytime you don’t feel pretty refer to the gorgeous wedding album we all envy. If that doesn’t cheer you up, nothing will!!! Its hot here and I miss you.

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