2007,  TV Talk

It’s almost time….

Time for what you ask?!

Time for fall prime time.

Yea, we won’t have cable I don’t think. Well we might but it’s not looking like it, depends. However, I will not be missing *my* shows. I’ll try to get “freebie cable” but I’ll most likely end up downloading them and watching them on tv. Which works better anyways since there are no commercials and I can watch them whenever and not be a slave to the t.v. hehe

Less than a month and I have Grey’s back. I’m almost through all the old seasons in just enough time to watch the new on start on Thursday, September 27 @ 9/8c.

“House” starts on that Tuesday, September 25th.

The Office starts back up on the 27th as well. As does ER.

But back to Grey’s….I wonder what this season is going to have in store. hehe George failed his internship exam thing and everyone else passed. He and Izzie are in the middle of a huge affair (Grrr!). So much going on. And even off season. T.R. (George) stays but Washington (Dr. Burke) goes. Boo to that! I loved his arrogance and I completely loved the way he and Christina interacted together. But on that note, I can’t wait to see Christina get back at things and see how things go after the big wedding day break up (talk about amazing acting). So it sucks that Burke is gone.

Ok, I’m not a nerd. Nor have I ever wrapped myself up in a show like this. Ok wait, yes I did. The Sopranos had the same effect on me but these are two in a lifetime shows for me. I just get excited thinking about either. hehe So yea, bring on Grey’s Thursdays and my chats with Liz about the show or what will happen or just recaps! (lol)

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