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Well, this has been one long week……and it’s still not over. Maybe one year this week will be a good/fun one for me. Meh, maybe not. The upper for the week is that my boss and I are getting along and seem to be on the same wavelength…well for the next 15 min or so. lol However, I have so much ‘homework’ for the centre, it’s unreal.

I’ve been feeling nostalgic recently. I miss ‘the girls.’ Man, we had some great times. 12 or so years ago when people told me that we would all go our separate ways…except for 1 or 2….we did not believe it. We were inseparable. The only people who truly know me….all those awkward years….those I don’t miss. haha Some have moved far away, some are married (some with kid in tow), and others are still in our smalltown. I’m not a good one for keeping in touch but I definitely would not turn down one of our infamous gno. I pity the people who are around when we all eventually come back together….there will be lots of laughing, storytelling and you still may see milk shoot out of some noses! πŸ˜‰ haha

Note: I really should make a better effort to drop people a line. πŸ™‚

I finally have seen “A Shark’s Tale.” Not bad. I can understand why ‘my kids’ liked it. Not really my thing. Never was one big on cartoons.

Feel Better soon, Mom.

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