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Merry Christmas to Everyone!

**I had a blog written the other day about all this and was just popping on to wish everyone A MERRY CHRISTMAS and now I’ll re-write the blog too!**

It’s Christmas Eve…wow, did the time ever fly! There are sooo many presents under the tree. We are going to be going to going to Ed and Kelli’s later today! Then Stellarton. Then Pomquet on Boxing Day. Then Moncton for 5/6 days. Then off to Chateau Boutilier for a couple. We are becoming ‘hobos’ for the holidays living out of our suitcase!! Oh well, it’s worth it.

We’ve had meetings here since we got to Stellarton on the 21st. The first was with Summer St. and wow, weddings are so much money! LOL Well, I already knew that but now I have definite numbers. Eek. j/k. The following day we met with the new Minister and he’s great. Very easy going and easy to talk to. He walked us through everything and gave John a tour of the Church. Now we have the time booked for the wedding for sure and the rehearsal is booked….on with picking the readings. It’s going to be busy and so hard to decide.

John and I are actually ahead of schedule when it comes to the Wedding Stuff. He’s gotten all the favour boxes folded now and sealed. Now I just have to put the ribbons through about 30 and they are done until next August! Woohoo! I’ve also cut out and folded all the invites so that is a huge relief! I just love that we have time to do wedding stuff now that school is out for a few weeks!

Bring on Christmas!!


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