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Nova Scotia is the Place I Love the Best

All I can say is “wow!” This past weekend was just what I needed. It makes me sane to go back to NS. Well as sane as I can be….and well, you all know me so yea. I spent a ridiculous amount of money but I’ve never come back from anywhere feeling so rested but so tired at the same time. Let’s just say on Saturday night I opened a tab after supper and was at the Duck for almost 5 hours. Ay! 🙂 But I love Signal Hill and they didn’t disappoint it’s always a good time. But, I won’t be doing that again for a verrry long time. John finally got to hear them live…a lot better than my mp3s. To sit in a pub listening to them and drinking a Keiths helped John to understand my love of this place. Plus, my friends in Halifax love John. It’s like they have known him all along and they don’t expect anything from him and just accept him into my group of friends (who are awesome….uncomparable by the way).

I also got to visit the other landmarks of Halifax. 😉 I took Metro transit (in the POURING RAIN) to the shopping center. We bought a great tan jacket for me and some sweaters for John. We ate at Our Father’s Moustache. We went to the “Putting Edge” for some glow-in-the-dark mini golf. Watched some movies…well Lisa and I didn’t…we didn’t even make it through the credits and we were asleep on the couch. haha We also made it to the Freak Lunchbox! Again, I spent too much money in there…but candy is my weakness and how often do I go to Halifax and how often do I run into a cool candy store. C’mon! Also we went to Cora’s for breakfast. Very yummy. Highly recommended by me.

Oh dear God, how did I not start with the absolute highlight of my weekend!!!! Pearl Jam tickets! That’s right I have Pearl Jam tickets….and I managed to get 4 of them. It involved John waiting out in the rain for a few hours while I was sleeping but then I got up and walked down and waited for 3-4 hours with him. The line shifted and John got butted infront of BIG time but it paid off in the end! It was almost sold out while we were waiting and it was getting close to having none left when we were finally let in. The hoards of people who butted infront of us got the nosebleed seats that were left but when we said we needed 4 tickets she was like “we have 4 left on the floor. Do you want them?” Huh…wtf…of course we do! You don’t even need to ask. The back of the floor is better than the seats underneath the sky boxes any day! yahoo! It worked out for us in the long run. So WE ARE GOING TO PEARL JAM in SEPTEMBER!!!

It’s the first time I didn’t go out clubbing or whatever but that suited us just fine. I realized that I must be growing up! 😉 I went out before drinking anything and bought drinks at the establishment. Holy crap at 19-21 I never would have done that! lol Well, that is a nice thought….but Lisa and I decided that it only happened because we really didn’t think things through and next time we won’t be making that mistake. Too costly in the pockets. haha So this weekend made us resolve that we will be escaping to Halifax at least once a month to relieve stress and visit with my friends who I rarely see.

I have to send a special thanks to Lisa and the G-Spot for being such great hosts!!

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