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Ola weekend.

So after a down right horrible Friday last week. This Friday went a whole heck of a lot better. It was a good week and actually went by quite quickly. I hope never to re-live a day like I had last Friday at work. Brutal.

My only complaint is the weight I seem to be gaining. Boourns to the start of fall and my body going into hibernate mode. However, I don’t know how my body thinks it’s time to hibernate since it was 29-30c most of the week…the lowest temp. last week was about 25. Not too shabby for the first of October if you ask me. But the other weird thing is that I stopped baking all the time so I wouldn’t gain weight and here I am, packing it on. I guess I have to start baking more and eat sweets all the time. Now that is a diet I can live with. I just wish I could figure my stupid body out somedays.

But I finally get to spend time with my husband. He hasn’t had a day off in 12 days. I can now get more than 3 hours in the evening. Pretty sweet if you ask me. Who knows what we’ll do. Run errands, go out somewhere, hang out with our only friends here, or just do nothing. The possibilities are endless. Well, not quite because there isn’t much going on in this one horse town but you get my drift.

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll catch you on the flipside.

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