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Ring is in! (edited)

John called after he got home from school and called ready for a battle but the ring is in! Now hopefully all the work has been done and it looks as good as new. 🙂 We’ll know shortly! I can’t wait to have it back on my finger. 🙂

ETA (7:25pm): The ring is back safe and sound on my finger. Man is it ever sparkling. I’m staring at it like I did right after I was first given it.

The woman (same one I dealt with last Friday) was the one to help us and she was a TOOL. She came to us and said one sec, and went to help the guy who came in after us (probably b/c she thought she had a chance to make a sale). I hate the way she treats us because we are “university students.” Frig her. I’m totally dealing with Moncton from now on!

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