2007,  Pics

The Fox and Dooleys :)

2007_0211image0010.JPGJohn and I decided that we were going to go out for supper tonight. We went to the Snooty Fox here in Freddy Beach. I had the greatest sandwich…and no it wasn’t my usual (a clubhouse). It was a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich on Ciabatta bread. Very tasty! I also ordered a candy apple drink…a thanks goes out to Meghan for recommending that one. It was delicious! I love the pub food so much. If it had live music it would *almost* remind me of my favourite place…your Father’s Moustache. 8)

After watching the Leafs lose in overtime we were going to go to Dolan’s. However, we went to the pub website and didn’t think we’d like that band that was playing so we opted to go to Dooley’s instead. Good choice on our part I’d say!

It helps though too because I won the best of 7!! 🙂 Oh yea, I’m a pool god, or goddess or something, but I hate calling myself a goddess. Uh, I don’t think so. Ok, back on track. I totally beat John at pool. Mind you, I won on my own accord only twice. Two times he scratched and handed me the win, but I took it. I put enough of his in the pockets for him so I called it even.



So yea, there is my boring for you, exciting for me, daily blog entry. hehe

I should have done work though because I have a HUGE midterm on Monday and I still have 3 chapters to READ for the course, let alone focus and study on it. haha We’ll see what happens. I wish it didn’t have so many body systems and parts in it because all that other stuff will be easy to study and learn. Just every body system and the effect and all that…probably shouldn’t have left it to the last day to even start to look at it. Meh, I hope to pull something out of my a$$ for it. I’ll let you know how it goes. Heck, I’ll probably even be on complaining and procrastinating between now and then. 😉

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