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The Rest of the Story

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well then, what is a video worth?


(Be patient. It might take a while to load. I’m going to work on compressing it. But it’s worth it)

The only thing I have to say, is I really wasn’t driving that fast. It was foggy. I saw him blip his lights and turn around and then panicked for a second that I was in an 80 zone. But nope. 100 zone.

Not even 5 minutes after talking to Shannon and explaining to her that I left AB saying this was the trip I was going to get a ticket. Well, close enough.

But man, it was funny. I knew I was going to cry or laugh and man, I couldn’t keep a straight face. Then I saw this video of awesome-ness. Perfect.

My favourite part…. he assumed I had never been there before and that I am an Albertan. Muahahahaha. But the best is “Laura-Man, there are so many mosquitoes here”! Or something like that. But really, I rolled my window down and my car (well Mary’s van) was swarmed. I’m sure I will write more about my encounter but I don’t have time now. But I want people to see this. It’s awesome.


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