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Uninspired update

I’ve been slacking yet again. No real blogs in a while. I’ve been feeling uninspired in the virtual world. But I can’t forget about the readers I suppose.

John and I have now entered, officially entered, the ‘adult world’. We have had 2 appts. with a banking professional and have been told that we have been doing everything right. Which made me feel better. She crunched numbers…big numbers….scary numbers…but doable numbers. We can now say we have our own banking person….financial planner if you will.  We also broke down, well I broke down, and we have cable. We haven’t had cable of our own in years. It’s a luxury we couldn’t have as a university student but now we can and it gives us something to do. I’m able to keep up on the news which I like to watch over supper and soon enough I will be able to watch my favourite shows. Although, I still might not and continue downloading them or something because I enjoy watching tv without commercials and on my own time.  So there is our step into the official adultworld free of University. Go us! 😉

Oh yea, I forgot to mention that a while back we almost were in an accident just down the road from our home.  We almost struck an animal.  You’d think with all of the deer out here (2 different types that are EVERYWHERE) that it would have been one of those. Nope. Guess again.

A raccoon? Nope

Porcupine? Nope

Rabbit? No again.

Skunk? Uh-uh.

Give up yet?!

It was a coyote.

A friggin’ coyote. Just a stone’s throw from our place. We were in our car and slammed on the brakes because at first all we saw in the dark was something bolt out in front of us. Instinct to stop. Well, it’s my instinct. John doesn’t like to stop for small animals if he can help it. lol It’s like he says, I only stop for a bear or bigger and even then I’m not sure. But we weren’t in Charles. We weren’t in his work truck. It was our little car. So we slammed on the brakes and then our eyes focussed and we were surprised at what was looking back, or rather running away. A damn coyote.

We thought we could hear them yelping and howling the other nights but we thought we were crazy. Nope, guess not. We weren’t crazy. We heard them for many a night after that almost run-in as well. Still 3 or so weeks later and we still hear them on the odd evening. It’s kind of cool. But it did teach me one thing. I won’t be walking in the field/walking trails across from our place at dusk or later.

We also finally made it to Echodale and I love it there. It’s so nice. Very picturesque. And you can swim there. I wish we had went there sooner. We’ll go back this weekend because it’s supposed to get real hot again. You’d never know that tomorrow is supposed to be almost 30 because it’s damn cold here today. Brrrr! I’m wearing jeans and a coat when I go out. It’s probably what the weather has been like out East this past month.

That’s right. This is the first day since I got here that the sun hasn’t been out and there was light sprinkles that are over now. I took all that beautiful weather with me. It was hot and sunny for those 2 weeks I was still back there and now hot and sunny since I got out here. It’s like NS has been constantly crying since I left! hahahaha j/k But really, I’m glad it’s been nice out here.

I’m sorry this is all over the place and no fun really but my mind isn’t feeling overly creative. I should start uploading the pics I want to share but I haven’t gotten around to tracking it all down. The hard drive crashing the other week made that real difficult. My pics (well the ones that are left) are all over the place.

I will update my recipe section soon too. I’ll add pics for what I can. I have been baking up a storm. Trying lots of new things and photo documenting lots of it. I should get on the ball and start showing off some of my baking. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow or Sunday. We’ll have to wait and see but just hold tight. I will get it taken care of!

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