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V-a-c-a-t-i-o-n (Day 30)

Posted by on August 22, 2009
Day 30: Chateau Lake Louise

Day 30: Chateau Lake Louise

So J and I were able to get away on our anniversary vacation.  Maybe not on the days we had planned for months ago, but we got away nonetheless. And we made the best choice.

It was beautiful.



Just what I needed.

I couldn’t believe that the Lake (&  Lake Moraine) were just as blue/green that magazines and the tv show you.

This photo was taken while we were canoeing around Lake Louise (aka “Lake of Little Fishes” then “Emerald Lake” ).

I have so many pictures to share.  This blog may become an advertisement for Lake Louise/Banff in the upcoming weeks!  I would say everyone needs to see this Lake to take it all in, at least once.  But I would suggest during the off-season. We were lucky today because it wasn’t that busy…it seemed like people were heading out. I could imagine that early in the day would be a gongshow. All the slots for the tour buses were empty but I can’t imagine it was like earlier in the day.

So enjoy this pic. I’m out to go for a swim in the pool. Not the water in the Lake that is for sure. It’s freezing. Colder than the Atlantic Ocean in June. The warmest it gets is 10ºC….Brrr!

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