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Well, it’s Friday….


Thursday night. Close enough to Friday. Relaxing like it’s Friday. And there is just one day of work left in this long work week.

Next week will be a short week. Holiday on Tuesday. A couple hours off on Thursday to go to the dentist and then next Friday off to hang out with J and Dad and go to the dentist.

Oh the dentist, it’s going to be lots of dollar signs for them. I can’t wait. Not.

But I want to say that I had a day like I had during my first 3 weeks of work. It was nice. I did all the activities. I sung songs and read books and just played. It was what I got into this field for. It’ll be short-lived and there was kind of a reason for it but whatever, I’ll take it. Hopefully tomorrow is just as sweet.

I never did get around to posting pics did I!? Well crap, I have had a short-memory now haven’t it. It’s got to be because of the sleep deprivation. The time change is doing a number on my belly and sleep cycles. I think it could be worse out here because of hockey games. That’s right. Hockey games. HNIC to be specific. I can’t get out of the Maritime mindset… by the end of the first game you should be well on your way to a good buzz and finish watching the game at the bar or at the other end of the spectrum fighting to stay awake to see the end of the game. But out here, you have to basically race home and watch the game during supper and have the second game end when the first should back home.  It’s like a time warp. Frig, they even have time to re-air the first game and it’s all over before bedtime. So strange but cool at the same time.

I’m watching CSI as I type and soon it’ll be Grey’s. Looks like it’s going to be a sweet, sweet episode. Izzy will finally get hers. That heart transplant thing is coming back to haunt her…as it friggin’ should have 3 seasons ago. lol But that is why Hahn is going to be off the show though. Nice easy out for homophobe ABC. Frig, it’s 2008 and there is nothing wrong with the Callie/Hahn relationship. Dumb.

Anyone win the lotto so I can travel home for Christmas? haha I would like to be home even if it’s for 3 days.

HOLY CRAP BATMAN! I don’t know how I didn’t start my post with this. How on Earth it slipped my mind I do not know. But guess what I got last night. Let me give you a hint. It’s for next Tuesday. It involves my beloved Blue & White coming to Calgary.  That’s right…. We are going to the game next Tuesday. The Leafs will probably lose but I really don’t care. I’m just excited to go. So bring it! 🙂

Well I should go and focus more on tv and grab a snack. I’m hungry. So have a good one my friends!

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