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I can’t believe that I *almost* forgot to tell you about this. Well show you. I get up yesterday morning and look out my window and what do I see?!

Can you see it?!

Day 116: Wowza
Day 116: Wowza

The GIANT flagpole in the middle of the neighbours yard.  Well it’s right in the middle but beside the sidewalk.  They mentioned they were putting up a flag pole but it’s not what we had in mind. We were thinking the usual one off the house or little one that goes by a garden.

Not one you would find a school yard.


Best part, it’s covered in Christmas lights. Can’t wait to see it all lit up. 😛

You should have seen it swaying in the high winds we had today. Scary. Luckily it’s not the car we park on the road. And luckily we do not live next door.

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