Our No-Fail Ribs

You will never boil ribs again. These come out so moist/fall off the bone every time! Very easy. People ask how we do it and this is our “secret.” It’s how John and I cook ribs…there is no real recipe but this is how we do it. 😉

1. You’ll need a large roaster pan with a lid.
2. Place 1/2″-1″ of water in the roaster with the ribs. Don’t cover them with water.
3. Put the spices in you want, throw in a cut onion, etc etc. It’s all up to personal taste.
**note: adding lemon juice with pork ribs is good**
4. Put the lid on the roaster and throw them in the oven for 4-5 hours on 200-275c. (All depends on the time you are cooking them and how hot your oven runs. However, you can’t ruin them or dry them out…unless you don’t have enough liquid).
5. Remove from oven, drain the water. Place the ribs on tinfoil and coat in your favourite BBQ sauce (We use Bullseye).
6. Cook under the broiler for 5 min or until the BBQ Sauce caramelizes or throw on the BBQ grill until caramelized and grilled to your preference.

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