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07.19.05 – “Marry Me”

I wanna laugh
Until I cry
Wake up with you each day ’till the day I die
Let’s go to New Orleans
And watch the parade
Take funny pictures, eat jambalaya, and drink lemonade.And when the day is finally over
We stumble home
Before we sleep
Baby, marry me.I wanna drive
Until we get lost
Lie in a field staring up at the sky
While you point out the Southern Cross.Somehow I know
Without asking why
That you love me more in a minute
Than anyone could in a lifetime.Dancing in the parking lot
While the band plays inside
Sweep me off my feet
Baby, marry me.We don’t need no preacher man
Readin’ from the Good Book
And I don’t want no fancy dress.Ain’t no ceremony for the vows that I took
From the moment I met you
I have been blessed.So let’s make a toast
And drink up the wine
Here’s to you lying here next to me
Until the end of time.

Wherever you are
I wanna be
And anything that means anything to ya
Means everything to me.

Sneakin’ out the back door
While they’re throwing the rice
And they’ll talk for weeks
But we’re all we need.

So baby, if you’re free
Marry me
Baby, marry me
Marry me.

Two years ago today…the date back then was technically the 19th…is when it all changed. 🙂 It was one of the best memories I have. I just felt like acknowledging today. I can’t remember the 2 of us ever being so excited, happy, nervous…well, other than the days leading up to the Wedding. :happy: The road hasn’t been paved with gold but we didn’t expect anything less. We have each other and one day the sea will part and things will run smooth.(lol) I know, I can keep on dreaming…just let a girl dream!

I love you.

Thank you. :love:

“Somehow I know
Without asking why
That you love me more in a minute
Than anyone could in a lifetime”

~Amanda Marshall

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