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Bringing you up to speed

So it’s been just over a month since I’ve started working and I must say that I am enjoying it. What a difference it makes when your boss acts like a boss/co-worker and not a superior force in your life. I have no problems getting up early like I used to and I look forward to going. Most days anyways. Some days I would like to stay in bed. Some days I would like to run away screaming. But overall, I like it. I wouldn’t do this full-time but it’s a great summer job. Stress free. No planning. No BIG responsibilities. Just be with this one child and on the days he’s absent I get to play. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. 🙂

I must comment on this crappy weather though. It has been pretty nice most days but then it pours *every* night. This means we can’t take the kids out in the a.m. because everything is too wet. It means the pool has been ready for about a month now and it’s still too cold to swim in because the rain water cools it down each and every night. Brrr! John and Nick were in it the other day and they had a good time. I sat on the side bathing my legs. That was enough for me. (lol) It’s as warm as Parlee gets but I expect warmer from a pool. hehe

So fireworks were cancelled last night. I’m pretty sure they are going to be cancelled tonight too. Bah. I just want to sit and look at their pretty lights and get lost in the sky. It better be nice this coming weekend…but I won’t hold my breath. Yes, I’m already talking next weekend and this one isn’t over but the weather sucks and I want sun. hehe

I did go canoeing on Saturday with John and his parents and the cubs. It was such a workout. But it was a break from the everyday and it made me feel not as lazy that’s for sure. I don’t remember it being such a work out but it didn’t help that it was real windy out and we were paddling upstream! I may post pics later. They are still on the camera and I haven’t seen them yet.

We were at Pete’s last night for a bit watching Holmes on Homes and chatting. No big plans. The rain ruined the bonfire plans. hehe Common occurrence I guess.

We are in the process of getting the Jeep ready for the clutch that will be in on Friday. It’s on blocks. The transfer case bolts are out. Just need to remove the linkages now. We hope not to have to remove the exhaust but we’ll have to wait and see. After the linkages, hopefully it’s out comes transmission time. *fingers crossed*

Other than that it’s been a pretty quiet weekend. I’m really bored today. Everything is closed. They decided to open yesterday and close today so there is no options to go anywhere. Maybe that’s why I’m bored, I know I can’t do anything. Bah.

So that’s a small update from my boring end of the world. No major news to report. I suppose that is a good thing I guess. No news is good news?!?! :p

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