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    Basement Reno: The end is in sight.

    Well ladies and gents. This is the week that the basement is done. Well done enough for now. It’s been a looooong time coming with many setbacks but J has been pounding away at it in hopes of getting the majority finished before Baby#2 makes their appearance. Plus, our permit is up the end of this month so we wanted it far enough along that we’d get a final inspection pass and be done with that aspect. The plan was to be able to put it all back together tonight but it’s been bumped by at least a day. We had a slight issue with 5 or 6 tiles that…

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    Up on the rooftop (Day 118)

    I’m so proud of J. He’s petrified of heights/ladders yet he still climbed up and got our house ready for Christmas. The lights won’t be turned on yet for a couple weeks but it’s better to get it up now. While the snow and ice stay away and while it was still warm. We had issues with the icicle lights. Well the news one we got (the new ones are on the peak, where J is working in these pictures). Half the string would go out so he had to go back up and take them down to return them.  It happened to us twice. It was annoying. But CT…

  • 2009,  House,  Picture of the Day

    New Home

    We just stumbled across this and knew we had to have it! It’s perfect for us. We just love Christmas ornaments, especially ones with meaning or symbolism. It’s really cute if I do say so myself. Note the lights in the background…this means J is going to be putting them up soon before it gets cold and when we find someone to borrow a ladder from.

  • 2009,  House,  Picture of the Day

    Our New Couch!

    It arrived on Halloween but with all that went on since then I almost forgot to post pictures. You all must remember the story of trying to find a couch, well it came in weeks and weeks early. It wasn’t supposed to be here until December and well, here it is in our living room. Now we can buy frames for the wall and end tables. 🙂


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