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Up on the rooftop (Day 118)

Day 118: Christmas Lights before the Snow Flies
Day 118: Christmas Lights before the Snow Flies

I’m so proud of J. He’s petrified of heights/ladders yet he still climbed up and got our house ready for Christmas. The lights won’t be turned on yet for a couple weeks but it’s better to get it up now. While the snow and ice stay away and while it was still warm.

We had issues with the icicle lights. Well the news one we got (the new ones are on the peak, where J is working in these pictures). Half the string would go out so he had to go back up and take them down to return them.  It happened to us twice. It was annoying. But CT was good about the return and J got them to test the last string we had to get before leaving the store. Luckily CT is basically around the block.

But it’s all good now. All lights are working and it looks great!

I can’t wait to see it all at Christmas, hopefully snow covered! 🙂

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