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Cathartic shopping….

….not words you would ever think would come out of my mouth. (lol) I’m not a shopper. I don’t like spending time at the mall trying on clothes. It’s just not me. *gasp* I know, not the typical “girl” thing you’d expect but since when am I typical……or ordinary for that matter! 😉

However, I finally got around to spending my birthday money and that felt ok. I always have buyers remorse. It’s something I can’t shake. I hate buying stuff for myself. It makes me feel guilty….especially since we are here for an extra month with no income! Thank goodness I know how to save money and put 10% aside or we would be S.O.L. We *might* be able to make it through May-early June…but only time will tell.

Now, back to the point of my cathartic shopping post. First store of the day…Old Navy. It was awesome….everything I tried on fit (well except for the one bikini I tried on…cups too small and band too big…the story of my life). The best part of that store was the tub tops. I was trying them on and medium was weird in places so I tried on a large and it was definitely too big. Weird I thought. But then John got me to try on a small and it fit. For Pete’s sake…I haven’t been a small since I was a 10. This was awesome. Such a boost to the ego. But I knew what was coming…other stores where larges were small and only pre-pubescent girls could wear the clothes. However, I still wrapped myself in this clothing goodness…let me have my 15 minutes! lol

Then I went bathing suit shopping…and it wasn’t that bad. I just need to have a bathing suit altered for me….size large cups with the medium body. Once someone can do that for me things would be perfect but I have enough bathing suits…it would have been a frivolous purchase anyway so that must have been my tell-tale sign to put them back and refocus my attention to where it needs to go.

Back on track…I decide to stop into the frightful Lasenza. I still have no luck finding anything that fits! I’m either too big or too small or it’s too tight when the other things are ok and all that and then some. The ladies in the mall have worked their tails off trying to find me bras to no avail. But today as I’m in the dressing room I ask John to go pick me out some bras that aren’t strapless to try on (as strapless seem to be the only ones that fit now). They couldn’t be cotton either, if they are they can’t be the pre-shaped ones…my chest has their own unique shape. hehe He comes back with these bras that feel like clouds. hehe Perfect! They are so soft and comfy. I always steered away from them because they didn’t make my size in them. However, in this bra I am a size smaller and that is frickin’ awesome. I think it’s because it’s one of the few I’ve seen that aren’t push-up, extra clevage, or demi-cups. I’m on frickin’ cloud 9!!! 🙂

Oh yea, I also finally got my haircut. It barely goes into a ponytail now….actually it won’t unless it has help. Bobbypin style.

So this is a huge ode to my spending ways…now my birthday money is gone and I won’t have to worry about it again for just under a year! 🙂

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