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I just learned something new.

Baby girls get their “periods” for the few few days to a few weeks after they are born.

I totally didn’t know that.

It’s not exactly a period but there is just blood when you change the little one’s diapers.

It’s because of the mother’s hormones and it happens until the baby regulates the hormones and rids the extra sex hormones it received via Mom. Not noticeable with some infants but many, most, baby girls have it.

This is something I wasn’t aware of and just thought others may want to hear my “useless” information too. It intrigued me. Knowing is half the battle….GI Joe! :p


  • Mom

    You just taught me something I never knew either. Never noticed anything with you as a baby. 🙂

    I enjoy reading your blogs. You have a great way of writing things.

    love you lots, Mom xxxxooooo……

    • Laura

      Thanks Mom. I like writing them. I’m glad someone reads them. (lol) I’m also glad that it was something you didn’t know too…I wondered if I was the only one. hehe

  • shannon

    thats so true laura, i was glad to have found that out before hand, i think i would have freaked if i had a girl and she was bleeding…eee. Boys are or can be born with erections from those same lovely hormones

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