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Don’t be a Gloomy Gus…

…or should I?!?

How many times have I heard this? How many times have you heard this? Well I now know that there is nothing wrong with not being cheerful.

Overly cheerful people die sooner than those who are not cheerful. You think it would be the other way around but according to my prof, many studies, and a textbook it’s correct. There are many speculations as to why cheerful people typically don’t live as long, but honestly I don’t feel like posting all the ideas. It doesn’t matter to me. No one has accused me of being a cheerful person! (lol)

As long as you aren’t too cheerful or too far on the other extreme you should get the most out of your life that your mind aspect can contribute at least.

I almost laughed out loud in class when she said that. I loved it. It made me feel almost superior. Not quite. But you know what I mean. I snickered and found it to be amusing because people always tell me I should be a cheerful, chipper person. Well poo on that.

I’m happy being semi-cheerful and my body is thanking me for it! Muahaha

So this may have all backfired on people but I am taking solace and joy out of it. I can be a “gloomy gus” when I want…as long as it’s not the majority of the time. I won’t walk around pretending my poo smells like roses and we all live in a land filled with rainbows and fairies and kittens. It’s more beneficial to my health that way. So take that naysayers. :p

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  • Lisa Boutilier

    I agree….cheerfulness is highly overated and I am done! Do you know why overly cheerful people don’t live as long? It’s because they spend a great amount of time “pretending” and that sucks the life out of them. I admit to being overly cheerful at times…it is exhausting..no wonder I’m going to die early!!! rofl

    Being a gloomy gus might not make other people happy but at some point you just gotta say “screw it!” :thumbsup:

    I’m not bitter or having a bad day…Thank you for helping me see the light! Time to go dancing :pulp:

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