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Should be

I should be sitting at home in NS getting ready for Carli’s bachelorette but here I am in AB. Alone. Waiting for John to get home from work….work that wasn’t supposed to be today. But that’s the life of a wife who’s husband is a really good field EIT. Oh well, it’s only early at least.

I guess the only plus about being here is, it’s going to be 30°C for the next 4 days. Cooling off to 27°C on Wednesday after we are gone. It’s going to be a shock going back home. It’s going to feel so cool I’d imagine, unless there is humidity (which I don’t mind). It’s at least calling for sun upon our arrival and not freezing cold temps.

So instead of going on a harbour hopper cruise and have a night out with girls, I’m here. Going to put in posts to keep our crabapple tree straight while we are away. I want to move the bamboo stick that is up against it now, supporting it. I want branches to have a chance to grow on that side of the tree, which it can’t now since there is a strong stick up that side. On a side note, our maple is has grown a lot!! It’s really tall now. I wish I had a picture of one of us standing beside it before we planted it so I could have a comparison. But it’s great. It’s taking! Wahoo. The leaves are quite hardy on it now, no longer floppy. But there is something picking away at the leaves. I don’t know what bug it must be but it’s not too bad.

Our plan for today, lattice. To go around our front step. To keep the crap from blowing under it and whatnot. That’s pretty much all I have on tap today. Not much for groceries since we are flying home on Tuesday and will be gone for almost 2 weeks. A patio may be on our horizon. Take in some sun and some drinks and relax. Well, not fully relax because we have some cleaning and organizing to do so it’s nice when we come back. And then there is the chore of laundry. Bah. *wish I had a clothes line*

So that’s it.

A busy non-busy day where I’m wishing I was already back East.

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