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2 other “quirks”

Posted by on January 25, 2009

Listen to how Albertans pronounce the words “t-o-u-r-i-s-t” and “b-o-o-g-e-r”.

I’ve noticed both at work and I had the chance to poll some people at John’s office the other way. And lo and behold they say at least one of the words the weird, Albertan way.

It seems only people at my work say “t-o-u-r-i-s-t” differently. But they say it like “two-rist”.  And they say us East Coasters are weird. 😉

Now the other one really almost bothers me/makes me laugh. Is “b-o-o-g-e-r”.  They say “BOO-ger”. Like “boo! I’m a ghost”. So strange. And everyone I’ve talked to and polled says it like that.



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