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So it’s all beginning to feel all that more real now. There is only 2 more weekends until we will be in our house!! That’s it. That’s all. 2 weekends!

We need to get a move on and start seriously packing. Which by the way, we are doing today. We are saddling up and packing. I think Friday put a fire under our ass. The lawyer called. We are to go in and sign our life away on Monday. It’ll be all the more real then.

We are asking ourselves as to why we waited until May 14. Why not the end of this month or this past Friday!? Why the middle of May!?!?

Just to torture ourselves I guess.

We could move it again but we won’t. I have my brother coming down to help us move and we all have our time off arranged. It would be too much of a pain in the ass to move it…too much paperwork…plus, it’ll be sweet to move on a long weekend. It gives us more time to move, unpack, and lounge.

I’ve never been known to be a patient person and man, this is taking a toll.

After we have the house I don’t know what I’m going to countdown to. What to focus on. There is our trip home but after that there will be nothing to do…. ok wait, I take that back. I’ll countdown to September when my people come out from back East. Also, I should start a countdown to the day when Dane and Meghan get back as well. I guess there is a lot of things I could count down to if I really think about it.

So c’mon house! It’ll start all the other mini countdowns.

It’ll be like a domino effect!

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