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Beep! Beep! (Day 47)

Day 47: Seconds before almost disaster
Day 47: Seconds before almost disaster

Excuse all the bugs….Short version of the story: This is Chris & Jill’s rental car driven by Chris.  Filled with all the boys.

They left Cypress Hills in front of us but we stopped to take the girl version of pics since the boys had the camera when we were at all these places. So they were about 5-10min ahead of us. We caught them at the first set of lights into Medicine Hat.  All excited we beeped the horn.

“Beep! Beep!” *Wave crazily*


Jill or Meghan say “Beep again”. So off I go.

“Beep! Beep!” *Wave crazily*


Then all of a sudden we see the car start moving. It was like slow motion. All out of our control.

It was “Oh God! Chris No. Chris, don’t do it. Oh God”

That’s right he thought the beeps (friendly ones at that) was someone telling him to move so he started through the intersection. Note the three red lights.

It was so scary. But he stopped and then reversed and then it was hilarious!

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  • John

    for a split second I saw my life flash before my eyes…..Kimball and I would have been toast! or well a pancake….that was our side of the car….

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