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Blizzard my arse

Posted by on April 16, 2010

So a few days ago I was catching a lot of slack about our “blizzard” that was making national headlines. People (not naming names) were rubbing it in my face and laughing and all sorts of crazy talk.  People wouldn’t believe me when I said it wasn’t a blizzard….far from it. It was the almost annual spring storm that comes just on or around my birthday and even in Canada’s sunniest city, it’s no exception.

However, it was not a blizzard. Not even a winter storm really. For that to happen there would have to be blowing winds, accumulating snow, bad road conditions, reduced visibility, etc etc. Not at all. But I will say, while the Hat was making national news, Lethbridge was shut down because of this storm and declared a state of emergency. No one in the city, except Tim Hortons and a few places, had power.  They got dumped on and got all the things people were making fun of “me” for.

Let me show you what the weathermen & women were going on about.

9am: I’m just about to leave for work. We are in the throws of a national headlining blizzard….can’t you tell!?! If you look close you can see the snow falling. lol  But the best indicator….look at our street.  You’d think it was plowed wouldn’t you!? Uh, not quite! The residental streets do not get the snow plow treatment in Alberta.


6pm: After I got home from work. And supposedly after the blizzard ended. Can’t you tell!?



Now no one can tell me that this was news worthy for the Hat. It’s little a freak spring storm. And I’ll tell you, this was what, on Wednesday. We have no snow and the trees are budded and my flowers are growing. It was above 20c today and is going to be the same for days (some days reaching 25c again!).

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  1. Lisa

    Well I no longer feel bad for you guys…that isn’t much of anything at all!

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