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Boourns to Mondays.

Posted by on January 22, 2007

This image makes me snicker. What do you think its’ doing? Picking off dogs as they walk by? It’s lazy so it’s shooting down birds and mice? Just taking target practise because one day the world will be run by cats? The possibilities are endless.

I personally think he has gone on a tear because he too hates Mondays, his owners who have shown him love all weekend are now gone for like 9 hours. It’s enough to make anyone go postal. This is how I feel today. I hate Monday mornings…it makes me feel crazy…crazy like a…fox…or kitten in this instance. I am so tired already and the day is just beginning and it’s going to be 8pm before I get out of class. Gah. Anyone want to go to Health Psych for me? If you loved me, you’d go! 😉 (How’s that for a guilt trip…let me guess, it didn’t work).

2 Responses to Boourns to Mondays.

  1. John

    I definitely agree Mondays blow…..theres nothing I would like more than if you and I could sleep in…..but that won’t happen unless we win the lotto…( i got my fingers crossed)….wait we have to buy tickets first. oh well some day….
    the site is looking great laura.

    I love you


  2. Laura

    Aww thanks! 🙂 I love you too.

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