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    What we are subjected to

    So we get to the clinic last night to see the Dr. and look what we get to wear.  Even if you don’t have H1N1 symptoms you have to wear it to see the Dr. It sucked. It was uncomfortable. Hot. Claustrophobic. But we needed to go so on they went. But I will say it was a little un-nerving walking up to the clinic and seeing through the big picture window that everyone in there was sitting with these masks on. It was almost like a twilight zone. Creeeeeepy.

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    New Home

    We just stumbled across this and knew we had to have it! It’s perfect for us. We just love Christmas ornaments, especially ones with meaning or symbolism. It’s really cute if I do say so myself. Note the lights in the background…this means J is going to be putting them up soon before it gets cold and when we find someone to borrow a ladder from.

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    Our New Couch!

    It arrived on Halloween but with all that went on since then I almost forgot to post pictures. You all must remember the story of trying to find a couch, well it came in weeks and weeks early. It wasn’t supposed to be here until December and well, here it is in our living room. Now we can buy frames for the wall and end tables. 🙂

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    We couldn’t believe our eyes.  It’s Hallowe’en night and people turned on their Christmas lights as soon as the kids were gone and the pumpkin candles were blown out. It just blew us away. Isn’t it a little early!? I guess not for many “Mad Hatters”. So many people now have their lights on, almost 2 months early. It’s flabberghasting. Why on Earth!? Remembrance Day isn’t even over people! So we may be the only people on our block soon that do not have Christmas lights on until at least Dec 1.  We might try and hang them this weekend while the weather is still nice but we won’t be…

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    Responsible Dog Owners

    So we were the responsible dog owners over the weekend as well. We went and got her rabies shot so we could get her licensed. We were going to wait until after she was fixed and until her next appt. so she’d get her rabies with her booster then. But we had to go in to get her checked so thought, we might as well get it now so we can get her tags just in case she ever gets lost/runs away. We don’t want a ticket from by-law and it’s only $15 to license a puppy anyways. So why take the risk. So on the back of the tag,…


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