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Responsible Dog Owners

Day 110: We got her tags
Day 110: We got her tags

So we were the responsible dog owners over the weekend as well. We went and got her rabies shot so we could get her licensed. We were going to wait until after she was fixed and until her next appt. so she’d get her rabies with her booster then. But we had to go in to get her checked so thought, we might as well get it now so we can get her tags just in case she ever gets lost/runs away.

We don’t want a ticket from by-law and it’s only $15 to license a puppy anyways. So why take the risk.

So on the back of the tag, as you can see, we got her name engraved just in case she is found somewhere she shouldn’t be her name will known. We may go back one day and get our phone number put on but we’ll see. The city info is on the new back and they have all our info as well so at least our dog won’t be nameless.

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