2010,  30 Day Shred

Day 6

So I haven’t given up yet. I’m on day 6. That’s right I HAVE been working out over the holidays. I actually did my minutes just before Christmas dinner and Christmas Day evening. I’m trying to make it. I’m not nearly as sore and I can tell my endurance is getting better but I still hate it.

I’m going to try my darndest to make it 30 days but this kind of work out is definitely not for me. I like a lower impact (like pilates or something) or at least have people working out along side of me. J refuses to switch to this, he’s keeping up with his regular workout routine which does not involve Jillian Michaels. lol

But here I am and I’m remaining accountable.

Now it’s time to shower while the little man is still napping!

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