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Driving like it’s his job

Posted by on April 26, 2013

It’s about time I share some videos and pictures of the big little man! I take them and lots of them I swear!

Here’s one from this morning. It’s only the 3rd time he would drive his car outside. We tried once on the sidewalk and it’s too fast on concrete that he got scared and wouldn’t get back in. He found out last night keeping it on the grass in the back lets it go slow enough that he’s not scared.

Now to get the steering thing down and we’ll be laughin’. He at least looks well while reversing. Too bad it doesn’t stop him from running you over if you don’t move! 😉

When we went in for lunch he asked me to take McQueen in with us. I told him I couldn’t and we’d come back out after lunch and rest. He ran over and gave it a hug and said “I’ll see you very soon McQueen. Be right back!”.


2 Responses to Driving like it’s his job

  1. Shannon S.

    awwww cute! My N has a jeep thing like that but hardly ever uses it…hills, gravel driveway etc….not ideal

  2. lisa


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