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First Renos

We’re awesome. We are drywalling geniuses. haha We bought some drywall and decided we are going to pick away at our bathroom in the basement. We had all intentions of getting it done on the weekend but that never happened.

Then on Monday we were going to invite a couple over to hang out and help us but by the time we figured out we were doing it and went on our walk it was too late to call someone to come over.  So we decided to take it on ourselves. And it was pretty easy. We did it and I was/am so pumped about it. I miss having something to focus on, like Charles, something to see improvement on…something to get my hands dirty.

I’m sure it was a sight to see but we did it.

J prepping the ceiling

So this is how we did it. J stood on the ladder, put in some screws while I stood there balancing this heavy board and he took my picture.

Ok, it’s tacked up…on with the drywall screws

Last piece up

Look at the perfect shape I got for J…and the cut he made!
Ready for mud.

All done! J looks so proud and I look so tired. hehe
J…always the show boat

Show boating still…

I’m sure there will be many more posts like this as things progress. So get used to it!


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