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Grey’s OMG! *Spoiler*

Just in case there is someone who doesn’t want to read what I’ve been hearing on tv and whatnot. The dots will give them a choice whether they are going to read it or not at least. So there is my warning. hehe .











Grey’s Anatomy Shocker.

Someone “huge and important” gets killed off the medical drama this Thursday.

When we last saw poor Meredith Grey, she’d gone overboard while helping an injured man at the scene of the ferry crash.

Could she be the one that dies in this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy?

E!Online‘s Kristin Veitch is saying that “someone huge and important” bites it. “Someone everyone likes,” she says. “[The producers] are doing something we thought they’d never do.”

So who could it be. It’s obviously not Meredith as the show is “Grey’s Anatomy.” However, people assume the show is named after her but the major bio/anatomy book most pre-med/med students read is Grey’s Anatomy I do believe. So I doubt it’ll be her.

Could it be McDreamy? Dies trying to save Meredith to be her “knight in shining whatever.” ?!? The plot thickens.

If it was Burke that would be too obvious. Everyone knows of his escapades recently and many are hoping it’s him. I hope it’s not for some reason. Since they are saying it’s someone everyone likes, I doubt it’s Burke.

Could it be Izzy? I’ve heard that Denny has been signed back on for a show or two. So the only way he could come back is if she has a death experience and whatnot. Hrmmm.

It’s been reported that ‘George’ may want off of the show. However, he says not but it’s rumoured. I don’t think it’s going to be him either.

I doubt it’s Christina…she adds too much of a dynamic to the show. She’s hilarious and ‘real.’ Hopefully it’s not Callie. I like her too much.

It could be anyone but I think it could be the chief. His story line has kinda come to a close and whatnot so that might be my best guess. Although all other thoughts sound viable too.

Depends how much of a shocker they are going for during Sweeps. :confused:

Maybe the person that is going to die on Thursday is going to be brought back NEXT Thursday and this is all a ploy. That’s what I’d totally do. hehe

Who do you think? What’s going to happen?

Ouuuuu I can’t wait until tomorrow night!

ETA: I’ve changed my prediction slightly. lol I think Meredith will die temporarily and her Mom is going to die soon…possibly next episode while she’s still “dead”. I learned in class last term that when Alzheimers patients become lucid they are pretty near to death’s door so yea, there is my prediction. It may change again when I think more about it. (lol)

Will Thursday ever arrive?!?! 😉


  • Laura

    Hahaha yea, you’re telling me. One more week before we get a resolution! Booo to making us wait! :p

    What’s the deal with Izzy and the hate for Callie? Uncalled for in her little speel at the end. Boo to that. :tisktisk:

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