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Happy Birthday Carli!!


I wish we could celebrate it together. Just hop on a plane and go somewhere and live it up. Sounds like a great idea. Maybe one day it will materialize! 😉 We would so go to Scotland and then fly over to Disney then back to NS. Now that would be pretty sweet!

May this year be your year where you get all those things you want! It’s setting up to be a great one…soon I’ll be in the 27 club with you. No worries. 😉

Oh yea, the pic is from 2000. Oh so long ago. Where does the time go?! That was our hay day eh!?

Also, I would like to make note that the red mark on my nose, between my eyes, is not a pimple. Just ask Carli what happened. Oh wait, she may not remember as we are so old. hehe We were going to pick up our TML hockey tickets and she started slipping on a hill which caused me to start slipping then she kicked me in the face. I got all dirty and had a bloody face and had to take the go train back with her. We laughed. Definitely makes for an interesting story. I’ll never forget my first Maple Leafs experience!

So here’s to you Carli! :cheers: Here’s to another year! :cheers: Here’s to us celebrating your birthday! :drunk:

So once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

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