Well, I had all intentions of blogging more but my time is spent taking care of the most beautiful little boy on the planet and trying to keep our house in semi-order. I must admit, I don’t take care of the house like I wish I would….like I thought I would. But that’s ok. I have a child and spending my time with him and staring at him is more important than having the perfect house.

Afterall, I’ve never been Martha Stewart.

But don’t get me wrong, our house isn’t a pigsty.  It’s just lived in.

There may be some dishes on the counter because we haven’t gotten around to emptying the dishwasher. Our floor may need a good scrub. Heck, there is probably a lot of dusting to do. I know there are photos to hang and a house to decorate but it all can wait. (But if someone wants to volunteer and come clean for me, I’d never turn it down. haha) There even is a basement left to finish.

I say, meh. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

I’ll never regret spending all my time with my son. I will regret spending my time not paying attention and trying to be superwoman. Who knows what I might miss when I turn my back.

He are only this little once. He will only grow this fast this once.

What is a few months of our lives without constant cleaning? Happiness.

I know it’s only going to get harder to keep tidy once he’s mobile but it’ll be clean.  Maybe not clean enough that I’d eat off the floor or anything, but clean nevertheless.

I have a child. My house will never be the same.

But I am ok with that.

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  • shannon

    I totally agree, my house is always a mess, toys toys everywhere, art works posted on every available space or just laying around, clothes stained beyond saving. Just means he’s having fun, which is what childhood is all about.

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