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Holy snow Batman!…Robin, to the Jeep!

So we may have a white Christmas after all if this doesn’t melt away in the next 3 weeks. But I won’t hold my breath. This is the earliest in years I can remember substantial snowfall before Christmas. The past few have been green or the snow came right on Christmas.

I spent today (all 10 hours) playing with the kids and the majority of the time we were in snowpants and new boots (that John so generously went out at bought for me in the am). I haven’t had to run through snow since I was like 13.

Good times, good times. But, now at 8:37 pm I’m just exhausted!

I wanted to post some of the pics John and I took last night during our escapades around the streets of Fredericton during a winter storm. I had so much fun. Too bad work wasn’t cancelled (the one of two daycares that remained open in the city!) so I could have played in it again. But I doubt it would have been as much fun. Kids in the first substantial snowfall is almost like Christmas morning! hehe

Starting our midnight trek out in the storm!


The streets around Freddyville


Smile! This is awesome. So much fun. 


Doesn’t this look like what you think Pooh Bear is stuffed with?! (lol)


C’est Moi! 


Holy snow already!


I’m just a big kid at heart. I’m awesome! (and modest too 😉)



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