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Home is Where Mom is….

Home is where your heart is and my heart is definitely in Nova Scotia (and with JAA). I don’t know what it is, but it is so different than life in New Brunswick. People are friendlier and more ‘alive’ or something. The girls aren’t so fake and the boys aren’t so preppy. You won’t get run over if you cross where there isn’t a crosswalk, cars will stop. It’s so relaxing. Even though the stressors there cannot be ignored any longer and are more poignant than the ones I face in Moncton I find it relaxing.

I still take naps on my Mother’s bed. Mind you I was sick this weekend but falling asleep is always a whole lot easier on it. 🙂 It must still be a thing of safety even though I’m almost 24 years old and my Mom is no bigger than a fart in a mitt. However, there was something missing. That little ball of fur that acted like a hot water bottle on my lower back or in the crook of my knees. I kept expecting to wake to find her there or hear her bark…Nicki is definitely missed.

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