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I am still around

Ok, bad blog writer here.

Itt’s been weeks. You are all just lucky I got pulled over and John got a video or I would have been absent from this cyber space even longer. I’m not sure why I haven’t written. Well, I do know that I’ve been ridiculously busy around the house.

We came back and relaxed for a few days (well evenings since we worked in the day) and then started the house stuff.

We gutted and cleaned the place. Had visitors in Carli’s Mom & Peter on Saturday. Then we weeded the whole front lawn in prep for topsoil and sod. Then we drywalled one wall in our soon to be basement. The weeded the strip of lawn between our driveway and the neighbours driveway. We also had the top soil delivered last afternoon in prep for spreading lots last night.

But it didn’t happen.

We had quite the hunt for a wheelbarrow and just as we find one (John’s boss) our neighbour comes across the road with a wheelbarrow for us to use whenever we want. Sweet! So we were going to get at’r but then the weather shifted, the wind came up, and it dropped like 5ºC and the skies darkened. It was going to rain and we didn’t want to get caught in it. So we finished what we were doing and didn’t get to spread any top soil.  Then we darted out to grab some food and relax watching SYTYCD.

And here we are. Ready to spread the topsoil whenever John gets home. We have about 48 hours to get it all done because we have to pick sod up Saturday afternoon and we will want to get that in asap. Plus, it’s supposed to shower/rain on Monday & Tuesday so that will help us. Save our water bill. hehe Also, I just want to have it down. Have it look presentable out front.

Well, presentable as it can. Then I can build my garden! Woohoo! I might just put annuals in for now since I have no idea what I want it to look like out there and we are going to make a brick border around our garden. But we aren’t going to do that until next year so we don’t want to have to uproot anything to make our garden the way we want. Who knows, maybe by fall we will buy the few bricks to make our garden but it’s not a priority that’s for sure.

So yea. Needless to say I’ve been to busy to sit down and blog, sadly. I’m going to try to get at it more often again. Plus, I haven’t told you all about my marvelous trip back East and the random goings on that is my life. hehe

I got to jet though. My second batch of biscuits is about to come out of the oven. Ok, you may be asking why 2 batches. Simple answer. 1 is not enough. I have strawberries and such for strawberry shortcake. I’ve been living off this since I came back to AB. Plus, John loves biscuits.  So I made a Laura batch and a John batch. hehe He likes the whole wheat ones and I’m not as big on them so I have white ones and we both get what we want. 🙂

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