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Introducing Scotia (Day 94)

Day 94: SCOTIA!!
Day 94: SCOTIA!!

What a busy day!!  We began talking about a dog on Friday when we saw cute ones on facebook and thought we were about ready to have one in a bit.   So we tried contacting this woman in Dunmore with some generic questions but she never got back to us. Ever.  So I decided to expand my search and see what else is out there.

Then I found her.

On Kijjiji.

In Lethbridge.

We called the guy during intermission in the hockey game.  He emailed us a recent picture.

We woke up the next morning and realized we had to have a dog. So we stopped in Petsmart to get a collar and leash and called the breeder. We would see him in an hour and half.  We didn’t know what size we needed and the people there couldn’t guess because all labs are different so they told us to bring her in when we got her. So off we went.

I fell in love as soon as I saw them.  Scotia loved J. Came right to him. Jumped into his arms and covered him in kisses. He was sold. I still wanted to see the other pup, and he was magnificent.  Gorgeous. Cuddled with me.  He was a lot more timid but I could never decide between 2 dogs.  J had to make the choice.

We came for a female and he had more of a soft spot for her so we eventually left with her. 🙂

It didn’t help that the breeder told us that she was rejected so many times.  People always came for a female and then put her down to take a male because they were so stunning and whatever they saw in them.  No one wanted to take the high energy pup.  They always put her down. No one wanted her it seemed. I wanted her. J wanted her.

She got sick in the car once. It was gross. But she was so scared. First time in a car. First time away from her parents. First time alone. And she cried and cried as we were leaving and her brother cried just as loud. It broke my heart. I wish I could have taken both. It breaks my heart that this puppy is now alone.

As soon as we got into town we went to Petsmart to buy food, collar, leash, and toys.  Just as we were finishing up J felt her begin to heave and knew she was going to get sick so he began to run with her…she was in his arms since we had no leash and collar…but only made it a few steps before she projectile vomited everywhere and all over herself and J. They took her out back and cleaned her off for us…it was quite the ordeal.

After she relaxed we went outside and ran and played with her. She’s perfect. I love Scotia.

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