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I’ve got seagulls in my eyes

Day 15: Missing summer in the Maritimes
Day 15: Missing summer in the Maritimes

Anyone who knows me, even a little bit, knows where this place is. It’s near and dear to my heart.  That is the last time I laid my eyes upon it a few short months ago.  Only a year or so until I can see it again. Ack. Is it really going to be that long?!  Maybe time will fly just like this last year seems to have.

As you can tell I’ve slightly altered the picture.  Not by much, just a smidge.  It was already dark so the sign was un-readable and the sunset was perfect but I wanted it to be more of a fog…more like a dream… But I am missing home. Missing the Maritime way.  But as people point out, there are fun and beautiful things here too.  It just takes time. And we’ve got lots of that.

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