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My Needs…*Game*

All you do is Google the phrase, “your first name needs” (i.e. Laura needs) and out the first 10 entries in my blog.

Here is what I turned up!

  1. Laura needs…to get a man
  2. Laura needs…to take better care of her own two kids
  3. Laura needs…your help
  4. Laura needs…a Good Book
  5. Laura needs…to get out more
  6. Laura needs…a makeover
  7. Laura needs…Prayers Again
  8. Laura needs…to, like, back off
  9. Laura needs…a new JBoat
  10. Laura needs…to stay & continue the storyline that could bring the Spencer clan together again!


  • John

    Everything is So true….well maybe some of it….

    1.John needs to get his patootie back here
    2.John’ Needs Operation After Hooker Bites Penis
    3.John Needs Your Bone Marrow
    4.John Needs Help
    5.John needs a way to assign an item’s UUID
    6.John needs to borrow a car on February 25.
    7.John needs greater vision
    8.John needs no convincing
    9.John Needs Rest After Throat Surgery
    10.John needs to secure funding for cruise terminal

  • Jillian

    1.Jillian needs to do something besides her all alone
    2. Jillian needs $57000 to start her business
    3. Jillian needs our prayers
    4. Jillian needs to boost something to feel better
    5. Jillian needs a fan club
    6. Jillian needs Seth’s help again
    7. Jillian needs books
    8. Jillian needs to get over to Twin oaks to start her visit
    9. Jillian needs a snow day!
    10. Jillian needs to talk more

    I like the part about a fan club and getting money!!

  • Meghan

    1.Meghan needs a savage beating
    2.Meghan needs mucho sleep
    3.Meghan needs a ride home
    4.Meghan needs love
    5.Meghan needs for her car to be fixed
    6.Meghan needs no introduction
    7.Meghan needs a family
    8.Meghan needs help
    9.Meghan needs the couch to stay
    10.Meghan needs to get something done

    well all seem pretty accurate…except number 1. I really don’t need to be beaten so everyone keep that in mind 🙂

  • Michelle

    1) Michelle needs your help
    2) Michelle needs a family that will be patient, consistant, kind, loving,
    3) Michelle needs to excercise her right to shut the f**k up
    4) Michelle needs to move on with someone else since Tony’s no longer around
    5) Michelle needs help translating
    6) Michelle needs to work harder at finding talent
    7) Michelle needs to come out and be our studio manager
    8) Michelle needs to come to terms with the fact that her only talent is being angry
    9) Michelle needs money so she can travel to Canada and the US to meet bloggers
    10)Michelle needs a good man to care for her

  • Laura

    Those are all hilarious.

    Meghan–I’ll keep that in mind…maybe now is the time to ask if you have a helmet! 😉

    Michelle–yours were hilarious too. I love your family need and I laughed out loud with “your talent”

    So I may have a problem if you read John’s #2. Uh-oh. What have I gotten myself into!? j/k

    Jill–I’m your own personal fan club. Go JILL Go! :p

  • shannon

    1)Shannon needs… to be more vigorously investigated by the Irish Government
    2)Shannon needs…to Sayid a manicure
    3)Shannon needs… a shower
    4)Shannon needs… financial help Please Donate
    5)Shannon needs… information on responsible sexual behavior
    6)Shannon needs… patient, loving parents
    7)Shannon needs… her own show
    8) Shannon needs… a life
    9) Shannon needs… a drummer
    10) Shannon needs… a cat

    I won’t argue with #9 (cause i did do this) and well we all know #5 is a tad bit ironic…what is a sayid manicure anyways?

  • Laura

    I think the “Sayid Manicure” has to do with Lost. He tortured Sawyer with bamboo shoots or something didn’t he?! But I really don’t know, that is my best guess. lol

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