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Livin on Love

What other choice do we have! 😛 (lol) It’s like I said about a month ago to John, we should be glad we are broke. We don’t have any money to fight about! 😉 It’s so true. We don’t fight. I get annoyed/bitchy (*shock*) and take it out on him every so often for almost no reason…sit and brood and then it’s done. Ok, we have fought…well not fought…it doesn’t usually go both ways. One of us f’d up and the other one just lets the other have it. Then it’s done. But no constant bickering…especially over money! Hopefully that won’t change when I win our millions! (lol)

It’s just like one of John’s bosses said…we are living on love right now. That’s it and that’s all we need. hehe It’s like that Allan Jackson song…..flashback of the video montage: Two young people without a thing, Say some vows and spread their wings, Settle down with just what they need, Livin’ on love.” Does that sound like us or what?!?!

I could so write our relationship down in terms of country music lyrics. I so should. It would be amusing. It would all start with Unanswered Prayers by Garth Brooks. “And if He’d only grant me this wish I wished back then, I’d never ask for anything again…..That just because He doesn’t answer doesn’t mean He don’t care, Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.” Ok, I really won’t do it….you get my drift, but it could be easily done. I’ve just been listening to my country tunes tonight and must have officially lost it! 😉

However, Keith Urban’s Better Life makes me feel better…it will be us eventually. I hope. It better be! (lol)

Someday baby…You and I are gonna be the ones…Good luck’s gonna shine…Someday baby you and I are gonna be the ones…So hold on…We’re headed for a better life…

Oh, a better life…Hey we’re gonna leave this all behind us baby, wait and see…We’re headed for a better life, you and me…We’re gonna break the chains that bind and, finally we’ll be free…We’re gonna be the ones that have it all, you and me…Just hold on tight now baby”

I can’t wait for those days. Make the sacrifices now and be happy and secure by 40 (I hope). hehe

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  • Mel

    Trust me you are not the only ones living on love. I also feel it is better to be poor now then when I am forty so I make as many sacrifices now as possible. If I didn’t have Mark to help me I do not know what I would do money wise. Probably live out of my car as I would never give that up. ( you know how important it was to me to have my own car) I keep telling myself it is going to get better and it will for all of us.
    P.S when we win our millions we will share:)

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