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Day 4 - Mmmm NS Apple Crisp
Day 4 - Mmmm NS Apple Crisp *not baked yet*

I came home from work and *had* to make this. Doesn’t help that the Cortland apples I brought back from NS are going to go bad soon and you can’t buy Cortland apples in AB. Well, at least this part of Alberta. But man oh man, I just loved it. I only have 3 apples left now.  Booo!

But that’s what I do when I’m homesick. Bake. Makes me feel even better when it’s somehow connected to back home.  Takes some of the heaviness out of my heart or whatever it is you want to call it. Makes me feel happy. Food makes me feel happy. Baking makes me forget.  The kitchen brings me joy.

I’m a dork.

And you love me. Deal with that! haha

PS-I’m doing ok with this picture of the day thing. I’m trying to stay on top of it.  Use them to tell my stories.   Yea I’m not even in this a week yet but here’s hoping I stick with it. I like blogging frequently and it gives me something to inspire/motivate/make me blog about.

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