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New Year’s Eve 2006….

….if you weren’t here you missed an awesome time!

We rang the new year in with…not exactly style and grace…but fun and drunken stupidity. LOL Ok, so stupidity actually wasn’t involved but it sounds better I think. 😉 Football, hockey, video games, punch, jello shots, beer and great friends. Who could ask for more!? If you weren’t here, you should be asking yourself why not? Did you honestly have a better time that we did? Doubtful. hehe

It was different not being in Stellarton or Moncton for New Years, that’s actually a first but it was so worth it…I haven’t laughed that hard in a long, long time. I needed that break from reality for sure…the last month or so has been crazy…filled with ups and downs and inbetweens. You would have no idea.

Jill needs to be up more often to even out the estrogen in the room…haha. Meghan and I could definitely use another shopping buddy and team member for cranium (even though we won best 2 of 3).

C’mon Jill….come up more often before school gets crazy again! *this is your conscience talking and have I ever steered you wrong?!* So I’m off…I need to get ready for my night class. *puke* But, I wish everyone the best in 2007 and hopefully it’s just getting better for each and every one of us! 🙂 Happy New Year!


  • Meghan

    Jill has no excuse for not going shopping with us. In fact I demand she come down to whip the guys at cranium again!!!


    PS Laura I’m gonna call later to tell you my awesome movie picks from the libaray 😛

  • laura

    Awesome! Can’t wait to hear about the awesome movies….. we really need to have a day watching the notebook eating candy in our robes. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it?! 😉

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