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Random Patio Crawl 07

What is this you ask? Well, it’s something John, Kev, and I randomly started one Saturday night. We were tired and looking to go out for one beer or two and then hit the hay. No one was expecting what happened. hehe

So Kev bought a house the night before so we a celebratory drink/beer was in order. Good enough reason as any I’d say eh?!

We go over to Kev’s…say Hi to Biscuit. Finally meet his parents. LOL Then we head off to see Kev’s new house. We were driving and the street name he know lives is the same one Carli used to live on at home. I said you better not be in 11 or that would be too weird. Close though. He’s in 13. LOL

We head down to Main St. and park. First patio we see, we hit. Kramer’s corner. Beer all around and a rye & ginger for me (well once the “I’m assuming French” bartender understood ginger is not coke (lol)). We look across the street and see a table free at Mexi’s. Off we go across the street. I get a slushie drink and we share nachos. This is when I stop drinking because they are ordering another beer and talking about another patio. hehe

People watching on Main St. is friggin awesome. Let me just say this and get it out there once again.

We’re done at Mexi’s and decide to try our luck at the Old Triangle. Great guy on Acoustic guitar playing on the inside. It’s happy hour (so we realize after). We get the best table outside. Right on the corner of the entrance but still out of the way. The beer kept comin for the boys. By now, the patio was packed and people were eyeing our table. Heck, we were going to leave but then we realized how everyone was envious of our table we stayed. There were a lot of business men in suits around that night…it was weird…I wonder what was going on. We even saw the premier himself walking past and talking to people on the patio of the Old Triangle. One thing I forgot to mention, everyone in Moncton smokes it seems. Everywhere was second hand smoke blowing in my face. Not cool. I even woke up with a horse voice from it in the morning. I was not impressed with that. However, we stayed out until last call pretty much and then headed home. Needless to say, it turned into a pretty expensive evening. hehe Oh well, it was fun and unexpected.

Such an impromtu “patio crawl.”


Moral of the story: Don’t listen to John and Kev when they say it’s just going to be one beer and then home! Be prepared. hehe

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