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Sad Story

Be forewarned, it’s a tear jerker. I cried and cried.

“On December 3, 2010, Alex was visiting a friend in Buffalo Narrows, SK. He let their three dogs out in fenced area to play at 9 am. At 10 am he realized that the dogs escaped and he went looking for them. Every hour Alex made his way around the town looking for his dogs. The next day, they both when to the RCMP. There they were told that the dog catcher might have gotten the dogs. After explaining that our dogs were neutered and spayed, had collars, and dog tags with our numbers, the RCMP said that it didn’t matter and they would still have been shot. Nadia and Alex then drove to the dump and after searching through the garbage, they found their dogs dead in the snow. All with bullet wounds in the head, dog collars, and tags still attached.”

“It wasn’t until they told the RCMP that we had our dog’s bodies in the car that the RCMP confirmed that the dog catcher shot our dogs the day before. The Saskatchewan’s Stray Animal Act states that dogs had to be held for 72 hours to allow owners to claim their dog. Our dogs were loose for only a few hours.

After cleaning the garbage that was dumped on their dogs, they drove for 5 hours to a Prairie Pet Cremation in Maymount, SK to pay tribute and honor their dogs who gave them nothing love and affection.”

“Robine, Hood, and Aidan, we are so sorry that we couldn’t protect you. We treated and loved you as if you were own children. Robine, I hope there are a lot of squirrels and prairie chickens to chase in heaven. Aidan, show the angels those cute tricks of yours and make them laugh. Hood, we saw that you looked the dog catcher in the eye when he shot you. We know you were trying to protect your pack. You did good my boy, rest now, my hero.”


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