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The Name Game

Posted by on May 14, 2009

Ok, so it starts….all I have to do today is wait. Wait for the lawyer to call to say we can pick up our keys so I need procrastination. And here it goes. Sorry if I do too many but maybe I’ll be too busy moving…maybe there will be an early call and you’ll all be spared. But until then…

Rules:  Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. If you have the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name: LJ

2. A four Letter Word: Luau

3. A boy’s Name: Lawrence

4. A girl’s Name: Lillianna

5. An occupation: Lawyer

6. A color: Lilac

7. Something you wear: Lace undies

8.Something in the room you’re in: Love letters

9. A food: Limes

10. Something found in the bathroom:  Lavatory

11. A place:  Lima, Peru

12. A reason for being late:  Lost track of time

13. Something you shout:  Lord t’undering Jesus

14. A movie title:  Last Unicorn

15. Something you drink:  Lemonade

16. A musical group:  Led Zeppelin

17. An animal:  Lemur

18. A street name:  Laurier Drive

19. A type of car:  Lincoln town car

20. A song title:  Living on a Prayer

2 Responses to The Name Game

  1. buffy

    . What is your name: shannon

    2. A four Letter Word: Shot

    3. A boy’s Name: Steve

    4. A girl’s Name: Susie

    5. An occupation: Salesman

    6. A color: seafoamgreen

    7. Something you wear: Shoes

    8.Something in the room you’re in: scissors

    9. A food: steak

    10. Something found in the bathroom: soap

    11. A place: sydney

    12. A reason for being late: stupidity

    13. Something you shout: Suffering suckatasch! (think sylvestor)

    14. A movie title: Seven

    15. Something you drink: scotch

    16. A musical group: Scissor Sisters

    17. An animal: squid

    18. A street name: Sampson rd

    19. A type of car: saturn

    20. A song title: Saturday Night

    • Kathryn

      . What is your name: Kathryn

      2. A four Letter Word: kiss

      3. A boy’s Name: Ken

      4. A girl’s Name: Karen

      5. An occupation: kite maker

      6. A color: khaki

      7. Something you wear: knickers

      8.Something in the room you’re in: knees

      9. A food: kippers

      10. Something found in the bathroom: kleenex

      11. A place: Kilarnery

      12. A reason for being late: killed

      13. Something you shout: keep quiet

      14. A movie title: Kiss the Girls

      15. Something you drink: Kahlaua

      16. A musical group: Kiss

      17. An animal: kangaroo

      18. A street name: Kilmore Dr.

      19. A type of car: Kia

      20. A song title: Keep it between the lines

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